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Calling a Counselling and Psychotherapy service The Selfish Space I realise can appear at odds to such a negative connotation. However, the therapy room and indeed the counselling and therapy process is one that is very much all about you.


In life it is rare to be given a space that is completely all yours; to talk openly and honestly about your experiences, your relationships, your thoughts and feelings and all that quite simply is you, but this is exactly what counselling and therapy is about: A safe space to be genuinely heard and accepted in all that is raw and real about you.


"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

 Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, 

but they're never weakness".

Brené Brown



For some this may be a scary concept to open oneself so fully, to well in essence, a complete stranger, and yet I think this is in part the success of the role of a therapist: I don't know you.


So you can tell me the many layers that have brought you to this junture, without judgment, without pre-conception, just listening and understanding the many layers that makes you, you.




In therapy


If we re-frame some of the terms that depict the word and interpretation of 'selfish', they in fact can explain some of the very skills that are encouraged to help you to make the connections needed within the therapy process.  


Terms such as:

'Focused on one's self' & 'Inward looking'

The above terms actually describe a positive process of therapy as it is this inward looking that can unlock the real vision of what it is you are seeking, and in turn help us to identify the many blockers that can be holding you back. This self-reflection, utilising the therapist within the room, is how you begin to process, normalise and grow in acceptance of yourself. And in direct relation, move towards personal growth.


Other terms of

'Self Serving'  &  'Self-loving'


Are also actively worked upon and are key to the healing process of therapy, as often in life we are surrounded by negative voices and expectations, but one of the loudest and often most critical, is our own voice. This is often the biggest blocker to self growth. 


Also it is important to point out that what can be very much tied up within a negative view of self love, is  self worth. Resulting in the belief that we are not important enough to put ourselves first, to give that love, care and attention inwards, when actually it is so rightfully needed.


Unfortunately, I find that clients often feel a weight of guilt in putting themselves first. This guilt can be one of the biggest barriers in preventing people seeking help and support earlier and can be a driving force of what can be detrimental to self; 'must carry on'.







What next...


'Something' has brought you to this page, and I hope that together we can work to peel away the layers of what it is that is troubling you and holding you back.


I hope you take a further step forward for you. For your growth, your contentedness and future wellbeing. As a wise person once said:



''You can't pour from an empty cup,

take care of yourself first"


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