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Where to begin...

Starting the journey to counselling I appreciate can feel very overwhelming. And looking into the many profiles and websites available can understandably add to this feeling and confusion of where, and whom to begin with.


The relationship between a client and therapist is a unique one, and trust and respect is vital to the working process of therapy.  I believe that when you make the right connection with a therapist, you will become very protective over the time and sessions you have, but most importantly you will feel safe to explore all that is you, and what may be holding you back.



About me:


To some degree, writing this page feels a little bit like gym class team picking, with 'pick me, pick me' running through my mind!  Ok so I have the training, qualifications and theoretical understanding which is backed up by much life and client experience, across a wealth of life issues, but I guess this is what you would expect from any therapist! So what is it then, that I can offer you?


Well, what I can offer you, is me.


A genuine and open and caring person. I offer a warm approach and safe and empathic space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, at a pace that supports your individual needs.



Like you, I am an individual with my own personal unique skills and traits, but what I can tell you is that I find it easy to build trust with clients quickly and genuinely. This connection is replicated within my clients work, and shown in their ability to open up and often move fast with the issues they bring.



The path to becoming a therapist:

I think I have always been an observer of people; wanting to understand body language, emotion and expression, and often find myself seeing or hearing the gap to what is missing in the words people use, or the messages they somehow cannot express. I think this skill is what makes me different and which brings a key strength to my work with clients.



I feel passionate about empowering others to find and build true contentment in life, as I feel we often settle for not even second best. And over time I feel this builds frustration and stagnation. 


Furthermore, I have become increasingly frustrated with the modern day world with it's increasing pressures for this 'perfect' and very much edited and filtered version of life that is put out across the growing world of social media.


What I believe in, is building genuine connections and contentment, and finding your own version of normal, not what has been sold as the 'expected' world of normal, but what is genuine and authentic to you.


I find my work as a counsellor and therapist so rewarding, and feel extremely privileged to have been allowed to share in the personal journey of others.


I can't speak highly enough of the power of therapy and am often left in awe at the process of healing and growth that therapy can give. I believe that everyone should have a space that is genuinely theirs to be heard and understood, without expectation, without judgment and with your needs at the forefront. 



Next Steps...

I hope I have answered some of the questions and concerns you may have had in coming to these pages.  


If you feel you are ready to take your next step, please do get in touch so we can begin our work together,




 PgDip, MBACP (Reg).

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